Something I often do in my everyday life  

September 8, 2014

 I have spent most of my everyday life helping people when they need me. People may not believe my words or think I am trying to impress people by saying “I help people”. Helping does not mean that I have to get involved with their life but sometimes talking with a lonely person is a help, making a sad person smile is a help etc. I love to love and live. I live for everyday and I love my enemy. Even people who said bad things about me behind my back I have helped them more because I just wanted to make them feel ashamed of their words that how wrong they were about me. I often smile and make people smile. I often share what I have achieved in life. For example after getting the SI scholarship I have informed people by sharing the through email and Facebook. My achievement in life is the smile on the person’s face who will smile like me after achieving the smile and spread his or her hand to another potential person who will smile again like us. My life becomes beautiful when people smile with me.



December 19, 2013

Himu is one of the most popular characters created by Humayun ahmed. Himalaya was his real name. His psychopathic father killed his mother so that Himu can be raised by his father as a Mahapurush. His father named him Himalaya because the Himalayas symbolized greatness. Himu can predict future well and attract people by his great sense of humor. In one of Humayun Ahmed’s books, he mentioned that while writing stories about Himu, he feels that he himself is Himu and this feeling isn’t there when he is writing any other book.

Misir Ali was another invention of Humayun Ahmed who is a fictional detective character playing the role of an intelligent person and a part-time professor of Psychology at the University of Dhaka. People come to him to solve their problems because of his special interest and knowledge in parapsychology. Some of the famous books representing this character are: Onno Bhuban (The Other World), Brihonnola (The Eunuch), Bhoy (Fear), Bipod (Danger), Onish etc. When Humayun Ahmed was asked whether Himu is his alter ego, he said that he is half Himu, and half Misir Ali.

Humayun Ahmed’s television dramas were as popular as his books. His first television drama, “Ei Shob Din Ratri” gained popularity in the mid-eighties. Then he made series of dram serials such as comedy series “Bohubrihi”, the historical drama series “Ayomoy”, and the urban drama series “Kothao Keu Nei” (Nobody Anywhere). ‘Baker Bhai’ was one of the famous character featured an idealistic gang leader named. Baker Bhai became such a popular character that before the last episode was aired, people across the country brought out processions protesting his death sentence.

As a writer he knew how to touch the emotional appeal of a human being. Moreover his stories often blend reality with supernatural activities. His stories never had any ending. He let the reader decide how to end the story. This open floor for the reader allows ending as he or she wants. Readers feel more connected and involved when he or she is contributing in the story. This unique facility is only possible in Humayun Ahmed’s books.

Along with this kind of emotional and real life characters he had also written some science fiction books. The rise of Bengali science fiction can almost solely be attributed to Humayun Ahmed and Muhammed Zafar Iqbal, his younger brother. Humayun Ahmed is often credited with creating or maturing many literary genres in Bangladesh. He had a magical power for writing novels. Many of his novels have been adapted successfully for television serials and plays.

Humayun had written more than 250 fiction and non-fiction books. Most of them are bestsellers in Bangladesh. Many of his books have since been translated into English, Japanese and Russian among other foreign languages, including “Gouripur Junction”, a work of fiction centered on the small town in northern Bangladesh where Humayun was born. The Library of Congress has seventy-three of his works in its collection.

Humayun Ahmed

December 19, 2013

Humayun Ahmed was a teacher, dramatist, screenwriter, playwright, filmmaker and above all he was one of the famous authors in Bangladesh. He had written so many short stories and published hundreds of books. He is a legendary writer and famous film maker. He had also produced Television dramas which has been popular among people from different generation. His fan and followers still remember him every book fair and other cultural activities. Though he was criticized after getting married with his daughter’s friend, his fan did not disrespect him. Some of his films have been awarded nationally and recognized internationally.

Humayun Ahmed was born at Mohongang in Netrokona. His father’s name is Faizur Rahman Ahmed and mother’s name is Ayesha Foyez. His father was killed in 1971 during the liberation war of Bangladesh. He has published his first novel in 1972 named ‘Nandito Naroke’. By profession Humayun Ahmed was a professor of Chemistry department of Dhaka University. Like him his brothers Mohammad Jafar Iqbal and Ahsan Habib are also popular writers in Bangladesh. His personal life becomes a controversial issue after his second marriage. His writing style was ever entertaining and easily understandable. People from upper class to lower class everyone who knows Bangla can enjoy his books. He used to mix all emotions in one story. His creativity and writing pattern makes his writer create an imaginary world where all the characters seem very real. He always wrote based on the current situation. Because of that his reader can relate easily the story with his real life.

Some of his famous books are Krisnopokkho , Brihonnola , Aj Himur Biye , Aynaghor, Tetul Bone Jochona , Se Ashe Dhire , Josna o Jananir Golpo etc. Films are made base on his sotries such as Aguner Poroshmoni, Daruchini Dip, Amar Ache Jol etc. He was popular among the celebrities of Bangladesh.  He has written songs for his films also. Such as : Ami Aaj Bhejabo Chokh Somudrer Joley, Chadni Poshor Ratey and Amaaar Achey Jol etc.

His books are still very popular among the youth. His has the charisma to write very simple story in such a dramatic way that most of the female readers fall in love with the main male character. Even the male readers love to follow the male character described in his books. Some of his famous male characters are Himu, Misir Ali, Baker vi etc. Not only the male character but also some female characters are also popular among readers. For example: Bithi, Rupa, Asmani etc.

He has been awarded many times for his books and films. He was awarded Bangla Academy Award in 1981, National Film Award for best story in 1993, for best film in 1994 & for best dialogue in 1994 and Ekushey Padak in 1994, Lekhak Shibir Prize in 1973, Shishu Academy Award, Jainul Abedin Gold Medal, Michael Madhusudan Medal in 1987, Bacsas Prize in 1988,Humayun Qadir Memorial Prize in 1990,ShelTech Award in 2007 etc.

In 2011 Ahmed had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Leaving his thousands of fan followers alone he died on 19 July 2012 at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.Later on he was buried in his own resort and shooting spot Nu hash Palli.

In concluding remark I want to add that, he was the only writer in his time who was brave enough to introduce a new style of writing and represent the actual situations of our life. Among his hundreds of books in various categories such as fiction, travel story, science fiction, books for different groups of people; he always shows the simple sorrow, affection or anger is such way that made the writer cry, love, laugh or anger. He will always be a role model to follow among his fans.



December 19, 2013

“THE BICYCLE THIEF” the name of this film itself is very interesting and appealing to all. Father and son relationship is shown   in this film which very delightful to watch.

This film has shown the dark side of poverty and crisis. It has shown how people feel so hopeless when there is unemployment and identity crisis. I like the way of presenting the story with everything like comedy, sadness, happiness and anger.

The Bicycle Thief is based on a very simple ideal for a story- man against the elements. In this case the elements are of a society that is often cruel and unforgiving, and that a job in post-war Rome is looked on as the luckiest of good luck charms.

Ricci’s desperation are transported into 1940’s Rome as he makes his way through the city’s crowded streets, alleyways, churches and brothels

The actors especially the father and the son were perfect to portray the image of those characters. The expressions were very realistic and perfect. Though the language was Italian, anyone can easily understand the emotion and activities without the subtitle because of the good deliberation of acting.

With natural light, filmed on locations, the film captured the truth of Neorealism. The film is made up of a series of “small moments.” The fact is, the entire movie is made up of pureness. It tackles issues of class, politics, and post war activities.

Life is complicated all levels but no one can portray everything   in a film. This film is still a masterpiece because of its perfect combination of relationships, poverty, morality or immorality etc.

Overall, the film is about life and hope. The unhappy ending only makes the film more real. The ending is definitely a very strong point in this film; it is the perfect ending to such a fantastic film.

There are some keys reasons I have identified why I liked this film most. They are:

1.      Realistic projection of life after post-World War II in Italy

2.      How poverty and unemployment can manipulates someone’s morality.

3.      The mature behavior in the child.

4.      The perfect lighting and camera movement which makes the film so realistic.

5.      The music was very smooth and thematic.

6.      The simple story line with a good projection of acting by the actors.

7.      The unhappy ending with a strong key point.

8.      The projection of son and father relations.

9.      The reflection of a small family in Italy on that period.

10.  The process of solving problems in that time.

11.  Impressive location shooting throughout the city which understated cinematography.

12.  Blurry idea about good and bad when both are equally important for survival.

Overall this is a film which can be enjoyed again and again, every time with many  new things to learn from it.

                                              Things I did not like in this film 

There is nothing which I can mention as a dislike in this film. It is one of a film that can hide its all faults with its goodness. This film does a great job of stating that fact without moralizing and preaching like so many modern films do. This film is beautiful and brilliant because it is completely modest.

Theme of “The By-cycle Thief”

The basic theme of the film is how a son acts like a father when the father failed to save his dignity and morality because of poverty.

There some supporting sub-themes visible in this film which have helped to reflect this main theme. Such as:

·         Projection of  Neorealism.

·         Reflection of Italian life after post second world war.

·         Family crisis on that period.

·         Social problems of that age.

·         Insecurity and Identity crisis.

This film is one of the recognized masterpieces of cinema. It is a heartbreaking evergreen film of the Italian Neo-Realism. The ending of the film illustrates that though a child may constantly seek approval and confirmation from his father, the approval which a father must seek from his son, though far more subtle and less obvious, plays an equally important and intrinsic role in filial relationships. This is the main basic theme of this film.

Moreover, the filial relationship serves to better illustrate the theme of blurred definitions of good and evil. The boy’s black-and-white ideas on good and evil is juxtaposed with the reality of post-war Italy, in which there can not be such a clear distinction between the two terms-“good” people are forced to do “bad” acts in order to survive.

The two different moral characterizations are forced to converge in the young boy, himself, when he witnesses his own father commit a crime. The boy is forced to grow up too soon to abandon his absolute views on good and evil in favor of the grey reality in order to grant his father forgiveness.

Overall “The Bicycle Thief” is an excellent production that has aged well and allows the viewer to think about many subjects that go beyond ordinary cinematic depths.

Y tu mamá también

December 19, 2013

“Y tu mama tambien” is about awakening and about reaching maturity. This movie mixes together some teen comedy humor, some aspects of the good old road movie and a just a pinch of melodrama.

`Y tu mama tambien’ (And Your Mother Too) is about two best friends who just graduated from high school, and went on a trip to an imaginary beach (they made up a name) with a beautiful woman (who is married to one of the boys’ cousin) in hopes of having sex with her.

The main theme of this movie is about a moment when we realize for the first time that we are not an invincible king of the world, and all the tough rules of life fully apply to us – this is the time when we become matured. It is about a moment when we realize that our whole life crashes into ruins, and there is nothing we can do about it, but accept it as it is -this is the time when we look back, and realize that only we are starting to understand what life is all about.

                                              Things I did not like in this film 

Y Tu Mama Tambien has many hidden meanings and very interesting to watch how the story going to its end. It is a dynamite movie. There is nothing which I can mention as a dislike in this film. It is one of a film that can hide its all faults with its goodness. In this movie, sex is used as a tool with which the audience pries back the overlying veneer of each character to expose the virulent emotions and underlying motivations below.

What I liked in this Film

Y Tu Mama Tambien is an open, honest, and intelligent film with the touch of joy and celebration and also a touch of sadness at the end. The film has the kind of liberating quality that we do not see in cinema in years. There are several things I like the most. They are:

·         Realistic and brave projection of sexuality in the film.

·         The color and the art direction was excellent.

·         Good camera work with nice shoot both indoor and outdoor.

·         The film itself is very interesting, entertaining and full of excitement.

·         The perfect lighting and camera movement which makes the film so realistic.

·         The music was very smooth and thematic.

·         The simple story line with a good projection of acting by the actors.

·         The unhappy ending with a strong key point.

·         The projection of friendship in young age by two Mexican boys.

·         The reflection of politics in Mexico on that period.

·         The process of solving problems in that time.

·         Impressive location shooting throughout the city and village

·         Unclear idea about good and bad, maturity and immaturity, life and death.

·         The story is sexy, cool and influences the audience to stay till end.

·         This film is the visual projection of social differences, life, love, and the true meaning of life.

·         This is one of the best Mexican movies which possess an open mind to watch it.

·         Its thematic depth and power are incredible and inspiring.

·         The dialogues were full of slangs and sexual conversations.

·         It will take us to such beautiful and painful places as we may have never experienced before.

This film has a very strong meaning that is no matter what we do we are in this world only for one life time so at the end nothing in life does matter. Another thing is we all do mistakes and hide if from others. Apart from these, the film has so many individual perspectives and so many different aspects of life to realize and learn.

While the full frontal nudity and unashamed sexual acts performed on screen may be disturbing to an American audience, Mexican cinema seems to embrace sexuality with open arms. While they do not leave anything to the imagination, the sex scenes throughout Y tu mamá también are beautifully orchestrated. These scenes absorb the magnificence of sexual attraction and the inhibition that comes along with this temptation.

Alfonso is a great director and he deserves to be considered as one of the best working today. This is the great film with great depth and personal exploration and level of incredible distaste representation. It has thematic depth and power which are incredible and inspiring.

Y tu mamá también offers an extreme insight into the rampant sexuality of Mexico’s young adults. Through the use of a compelling story of self-discovery and the beautiful landscapes of the Mexican countryside, Cuarón offers his audience a glimpse of Mexico through the eyes of one of its citizens. While the underlying meanings apparent throughout the film are deeply rooted in the political principles of Mexican society, the narrative of the film introduces a moving story that forces its audience to fall in love with its characters despite their downfalls.

The film expresses sex, maturity, innocence, death, class-difference, love, friendship, living style of rich spoiled children, politics, change, betrayal, healing, discovery, self-knowledge, etc. So over all this film is a complete package. Over all “Y Tu Mama Tambien” is a wonderful satiric depiction of social disparity, political corruption, and the contradictions of both adolescence of Mexico. The film itself created a new dimension of screening sexuality in a big screen.

Taxi Driver

December 19, 2013

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this movie (moving picture) is worth a million words, which is why it has probably generated at least a million words. Here are some points I want to explain why I like this film:

Taxi Driver is one of the best films ever made. This is one of those films that we do not get tired of seeing and every time we watch it we realize a little detail that we have not seen before.

Excellent actors, a good director, an impressive soundtrack and a real story are the main appeals of this film.

It is a thought provoking classic film.

Taxi Driver is a good example of how great a film can be if it was made by talented persons. Paul Schrader’s script is intense, Martin Scorsese’s direction is watertight, Bernard Herrmann’s music is beautiful, and the actors’ acting is superb.

Taxi Driver can relate to a lot of people and clearly is one of the greatest movies of all time.

Taxi Driver is a masterpiece. Every time I watch this film I see something else, I notice something else, I feel something else, I wonder something else. And I am, clearly, not the only one who reacts to the film this way that is why it lends itself to endless speculation and discussion.

“Taxi Driver” is about loneliness and a boring life of a driver. Which is very experimental and interesting to see what he going to do next?

Jodie Foster, this little girl at the time was such a presence on screen, she pulls in what was a very tricky performance and was hauntingly beautiful. Cybill Sheppard was also very beautiful and I was absolutely in love with her character and felt so bad for her.

The film is itself very interesting. It’s bloody, it’s twisted, it’s crazy, but it’s one of the best films of all time.

De Niro standing in front of the mirror practicing his insults (‘you talking’ to me?’) is one of the landmarks of contemporary Hollywood cinema.

Over all this is one of the most memorable movies of all time and has really stood it’s ground. It’s personally one of my favorites and made me fall in love with Robert DeNiro all over again. The script to Taxi Driver is just so incredibly powerful and the performances were perfect. Everything about Taxi Driver is great.

However Taxi Driver also marked the start of a series of collaborations between Scorsese and writer Paul Schrader. Already controversial upon its release, Taxi Driver hit the headlines again five years later, when John Hinckley, Jr., made an assassination attempt on then-President Ronald Reagan. He subsequently blamed his act on his obsession with Jodie Foster’s Taxi Driver character (in the film, De Niro’s character, Travis Bickle, makes an assassination attempt on a senator).Taxi Driver won the Palme d’Or at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, also receiving four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, although all were unsuccessful.

City of God

December 19, 2013

From my point of view “City of God” of the best films I have seen in my life. I have never seen a film so raw and brutal showing anything and everything that goes on in the streets. It is narrated by a young Brazilian street kid named Rocket who tells his almost epic story of the Cidade De Deus and how a child named Lil Ze turns into the most feared gangster/dealer in the slums.

This film has been produced with an edge above all others in its class and is truly one of the greatest movies of all time. Personally I loved everything in this film; starting from graphics work to lighting, editing, camera work, acting, story line and last but not the least the excellent music. There are so many reasons why I like this film. They are:

Based on a true story: The first thing I liked was the story board. It was so realistic yet very hard to believe how hard and difficult the life would be in a place where there is no Laws to protect us.

Excellent time shifts with flash back: I love the flashback part with narration which made the story so gorgeous. Though the time shifts are a bit complicated at first, but after a while we can easily follow the storyline. Some flash back scenes show details about each character’s past to put some more depths into the protagonists.

Great acting: Mind blowing acting by all the actors and actresses; even the smallest children delivered a performance that will stay in our mind for a long period of time.

Kids in slums: The movie follows the lives of several kids who grow up in the slums during the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Kids usually took the path of crime, violence and the drug trade and get involved with illegal things while living in slums. The projection of this problem is very real for many others countries like Bangladesh, India etc.

Senseless violence: The senseless violence in this movie was so brutal that even the cops wouldn’t go into the slums without a squad of men. It looked like all the teenagers had a gun, and they would use it if anybody looked the wrong way. So it needs a great courage to watch till the end with these kinds of violence scenes.

Real eye opener: One of the kids, Buscape became a photographer for a newspaper, and this story was described and seen through his eyes. The movie is a real eye opener on how little life is worth in other parts of the world.

Unique film: This in a unique film in terms of quality, acting, editing etc.

Well-shot: It is an extremely well-shot film and has a very realistic view of the other side of the world. There are very few films that can capture what life is really like in virtually unknown areas.

Cinematic style: The cinematic style of the film gives a nod to Tarantino, with some clever time-jumping, freeze-framing etc.

Stunning editing: The editing is very frantic, which made me feel like I am on the streets of the City of God.

Flawless direction: the direction is flawless, seamlessly blending the many elements of the story.

Gangster film: Gangster films always seem to make for good dramas like the Godfather etc; where the culture of evil almost always triumphs as the dominant character. This film is no different, but it shows the life of children in places where bribery and corruption reigns supreme.

Trendy music: The film has a trendy look of 60’s and 70’s with a good collection of music. This gives a very young and sassy look.

Meaningful tagline:The tagline of this film is “Fight and you’ll never survive… Run and you’ll never escape.” It has a great meaning which is wherever we go there is always an end waiting for us.

Color: This film has a fantastic color combination from starting till the ending.

The film was definitely one of the best films I have ever seen. The story, the direction, the cinematography, the editing and the acting all add up to make an excellent movie. This film made me think about the actual reality. Reality is totally different from one person to another. This film shows the reality from different perspective.

In short, this is a superb achievement, and is the excellent film of the decade so far. We can count the flaws of men played out in an almost fatalistic nature — hated, greed, futility etc in this film; and in it all we see ourselves, our own flaws, and our own condition. City of God is one the greatest movies of my time and each time I watch It; I enjoy it more than the last.

The character l liked the most in “Charulota”

December 18, 2013

I am going to discuss about a character I loved the most in the film “Charulota”. This film is based on one of the excellent novels of Rabindronath Tagore. The screenplay, music and directed was done by the famous Satayajit Ray.

I loved the main character “Charulota” because of her features and expressions. Being a boy I felt attracted by her. The director has played a significant role to make her more attractive through some lighting and other camera movements. I am sure most of the people will fall in love with this character.

Charulota : The main Character

Charulota is a representation of rich housewife of a rich person named “Bhupatinath Dutt”. The specialties of charulota to be one of the characters I like are given below:

Relationship between Mondakini:

She was very friendly with her in the beginning. She was like a friend and also a big sister of her. Her anger rose when she saw Mondakini talking with Amal. The character she became in the end made me to see a two faces of a same girl. Her mixing of love and hate was very natural and something that really happens in real life.

Relationship with Amal:

I find it very natural for her to fall in love with Amal. She was a lonely girl and nothing to do in everyday life.  I like the way she express her love by sewing his cloths, making a copy for him etc. Her desperate desire was so heart touching that I almost felt that Amal should listen to her and stay with her.

Her hidden desire to be a mother

 She does not have a baby but when she saw a baby she become emotional and sad. Her motherly nature remembered me how a girl eagerly wait for a baby and how important it is to have a baby after marriage. This is very important for a character to make the audience feel what she is feeling. She movements where very attractive and make the audience to look at her continuously.

Her love for her husband

In the beginning of the picture she took my attention by remembering all the time when to give tea, how to maintain the servant, how to maintain the house etc. She was just doing her everyday work. But when she realized in the end that she was doing wrong with her husband and hold her husband’s hand in the ending of the film, she took all my love for her.

At the end I want to mention apart from these points there are some other points I want to mention such as; her expressions, hiding her tears when her husband came, crying in front of Amal, getting angry with Mandakini etc made me to like her more and more. Moreover the way she explained her anger through writing in the newspaper was also another point for her to be my love. Her eyes speak in every shoot. Now a day’s these types of good films and good characters are very rear.


Metropolis 1927

December 18, 2013

I was amazed by the set design of the film. Though it was very difficult for me to understand the whole for missing footage I liked the film very much.

Now a day making a film on this kind of story is very easy to visualize by using computer. But I am thinking about the time when this film was made. I looked at the building and the other houses shown in this film. Of them were made it stage and also how they showed building by painting really took my attention.

The storyline was great. I had fascination of science fiction and story of fictions so liked the concept. Though this is a silent film but the English subtitles helped me a lot to understand.

I find similarity of the story in real life. According to this film there are two groups of people in the world at the moment. Similarity in real life I find two group of people around me Thinkers and Labors. This similarity has made me think the situation very deeply. Life is like that, if you are intelligent you do not need to use physical power but you have less use of your brain you have earn through you physical strength.

I think making a big budget movie like this in those days a real challenge for the makers. The lighting and the editing was done perfectly. Even we can compare this film with our recent films also.

Maria is a very interesting character. I like her one of the dialogue which says “Great is the world and its creator”.

I liked the music of the film it helped me to memorize what should be the dialogue here. Usually I do not like silent films but Metropolis is something I liked the most.

I liked the special effects of the film. Moreover I was amazed to see how it was done and visualized.

The camera work was very good. I liked the acting because it was something very important to make a colorless film go colorful and interesting.

The son of the master of the city Joh Federsen was one of the main characters I like. He played a good role to present the story a bit clear. But otherwise it was really difficult and hard for me to know what was actually going on in the film.

In the end I want to say it was a great effort and I am sure it was very interesting for the audience of that time 1927. Future for them was very imaginary. If we look around these kinds of high rise buildings are very normal. I find it very normal that people from 1927 thinking about robots and fictions just like people of 2012.Over all I like this film.

My favorite novels

December 26, 2009

My favorite novels are all the Harry Potter series. Yes though its sounds a bit childish but I am a huge fan of Harry potter from the beginning. Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by J.K.Rowling.

Harry Potter

Complete set of the seven books
of the “Harry Potter” series.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Author J. K. Rowling
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Fantasy, Thriller, Young-adult fiction
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)
Arthur A. Levine Books (US) Raincoast Books (CAN)
Published 30 June 1997 – 21 July 2007
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)

The Genre of these books are  : Fantasy novel